Worried this Winter

Worried this Winter

20th November 2023

Worried this winter? 

Millions of people across Scotland, including here in North West Glasgow are worried about their energy bills, keeping their home warm, and the cost of living this winter.

GNWCAB is taking part in the “Worried this winter?” campaign, a nationwide campaign run by the Citizens Advice network in Scotland encouraging people who are anxious about their bills and keeping their homes warm to seek advice.

Last year GNWCAB  helped over 7,500 people and unlocked over £2.5m  in client financial gains through things like social security payments, employment entitlements, and benefits in kind.

Across Scotland the network unlocked £142 million for people, with the average gain for people who saw a bureau for energy advice, being over £400.  Our advisers get life-changing results, in the words of one client:

“CAB have helped me to be able to keep my heating on. I’ve been so scared to use it in case I’m unable to afford it, especially on a low income. The payment that the adviser got for me makes a huge difference to both my physical and mental wellbeing.”

People don’t need to go to their local CAB for support; we have online information pages and interactive self-help tools that allow people to see how they can boost their income or cut their costs. Lots of people don’t necessarily need one-to-one advice, just the right information about what support is out there and their rights. More people using these channels frees up our advisers to focus on more urgent or complex cases with more vulnerable clients.

People can choose an option that suits them through www.cas.org.uk/worried


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